Recycled Shower Pouf = Veggie Bag

I lopoufve shower poufs because they make my body wash lather so much better. I don’t love that they are made out of plastic and totally unravel in 3 or 4 months forcing me to toss the old one and buy a new one. This time when my pouf began to unravel, I actually just tugged at the ends until the entire thing was one long mesh tube. As I thought of interesting ways to recycle my pouf I thought of things that really needed to be replaced in my house. Luckily for me I had just been to the grocery store and had all of my fresh produce in individual plastic bags which I hate even more than buying new shower poufs because these I go through weekly.  Eureka!  I cut the tube into 3, stitched together the bottom of the tube and added on tshirt scrap ties and voila! I had a light weight mesh veggie bag.  I tossed these into my grocery totes in the trunk of the car and now whenever I go to buy my groceries I can just put the veggies in my little reusable mesh bags and no more plastic!  It’s one of the easiset recycles that I’ve ever done; I’ll post pictures shortly.

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